Does any of your electrical equipment need fixing, we’re open 24/7 if you give us a call we’ll be sure to help give you the best solution fast and reconnect you. We don’t like to keep you waiting.


Oakview Electrics cater to your needs. Many times our electrical systems at home don’t work resulting in frustration and seeking help to fix it at an affordable price. With Oakview Electrics, we are here to help with your problems with our qualified and professional group of electricians available 24/7 Ensuring you get the help needed.


Electrical fault in your business that needs repairing, or maybe you are in need of a PAT test in your lettings or estate agency. Either way Oakview Electrics are able to provide you with the best service as we understand the need to continue generating profits and run a smooth successful business without hindrences. With over 25 years experience our team has a wide knowledge within this area and are able and willing to help your business


For your home or business your CCTV system is used to help protect your property. It is important that your system is fast, in working order and has no hindrances. With Oakview Electricians our team of highly experienced and qualified electricians can help with the correct installation to ensure the system safety around your property. Available 24 hours a day Seven days a week.


A lack of electrical maintenance can be detrimental to any business resulting in  a potential fire being caused. Having a safe environment is vital within your business. With Oakview Electrics we have PAT testers that all have valid PAT testing certificates. Our trained staff are able to provide you with a free quote and will be able to carry out your pat testing efficiently. If You need this service immediately or at a later time, we can schedule a suitable date.


Oakview Electrics provides the best electrical maintenance service. From commercial testing for your business to repairs and regular maintenance.

Services we provide:

  • Electrical repair
  • Wiring
  • Installations
  • Testing 

Oakview Electrics has you in mind and will help in maintaining your property so that your businesses can run efficiently and smoothly. We also help maintain the service of your domestic property.